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    Association of Somali Nomads.

  E:    admin@somalinomads.com 

  Phone: +47 90924621 (Norway)

  Phone: +25250994988 (Somalia)

  Phone: +254720096569 (Kenya)









































































Organisation no.: 896922432

Bank A/C: 150 322 15960, DnB

IBAN: NO 10 150 322 15960

Tel: +47 909 24621



Copyright ® 2012 somalinomads

Adddress: Røtisvegen 20B

6884, Øvre Årdal



 Current Projects


  1. Where we work

    • Ceeldheer, Galguduud
    • Gal Cad, Galguduud
    • Jowhar, Middle Shabelle
    • Marka, Lower Shabelle
    • Turdho, Lower Jubba
    • Baraawe, Middle Jubba
    • Dacdheer, Galguduud
    • Gidheys, Galguduud
    • Dacar Budhuq, Somaliland
    • Habaswein, Kenya


  2. Programs

    • Well digging and Troughs building for Nomads
    • Coastal Trees Planting and Cleaning (Environment and jobs for women)
    • Livestock Re-generation for Nomads
    • Youth Education (To stop recruitment by the warring factions and the Pirates)


  3. Networking

A.     Local

      • Traditional Folk-dance Competition
      • Nomads Reconciliation through Poetry

B.    International

      • Livestock rearing by Nomads abroad to create jobs for local Nomads

     Details of Organization


        Name:                                      Association of Somali Nomads.

        Main Office Address:                  Røtisvegen 20B

                                                       70370 Øvre Årdal


        Tel: +47 90924621


        Sweden Office Address:             Författargatan 6B



        Tel: +46737184567


        Mogadishu Liaison Office:           Medina District



                                                       Tel: +25250994988


        Galguduud Liaison Office:           Ceeldheer


                                                       Tel: Withheld


        Galguduud Liaison Office2:         Gal Cad


                                                       Tel: Withheld


         Middle Shabelle Liaison Office:  Jowhar


                                                      Tel: Withheld


         Lower Shabelle Liaison Office:  Marka


                                                      Tel: Withheld


         Lower Jubba Liaison Office:      Turdho


                                                      Tel: Withheld


          Middle Jubba Liaison Office:    Dacdheer


                                                     Tel: Withheld

          Middle Jubba Liaison Office:    Gidheys


                                                     Tel: Withheld


         Middle Jubba Liaison Office:     Baraawe


                                                      Tel: Withheld



         Somaliland Liaison Office:        Dacar Budhuq




         Kenya Liaison Office:               Habaswein


                                                      Tel: +254720096569



         Mail:                                      admin@somalinomads.com

         Website:                                http://www.somalinomads.com





                Vision, Mission and Goal


Association of Somali Nomads (ASN) wants to see a peaceful society in which all the Somali nomadic people have better quality of life.


  1. To promote sustainable socio-economic development for the nomadic people in rural community through livelihood skills building, provision of technological skills, and advocacy activities in order to make livestock rearing profitable and to stop nomads joining the warring factions and the pirates.
  2. Digging more wells and troughs for ease of animal watering.
  3. Planting trees along the coast to break wind from the sea so as to enhance rain and reduce sea sand blowing towards the main land. This will be an opportunity for the nomadic women to get economical advocacy for watering, treating and keeping record of the trees. Nomadic men can also take part in proper disposing of the nuclear waste that was washed ashore by the sea tides.
  4. To build a sustainable way of irrigating the grass and shrub lands so that nomads stop migrating from place to place in search of pastures. This can be done by drawing water from wells using wind-mills.


  • ASN believes that through a commitment to work and collaborate between the ASN staff and nomadic people in Eastern Africa will help to reach the common goal.
  • ASN believes that capacities and qualities of life of the poor communities will be better through ASN contributions and ASN can learn from local knowledge to help improve livelihoods
  • ASN believes that basing all activities on the traditional system of authority will lead to the positive social change.


Brief Description of Organization

Association of Somali Nomads (ASN) is a local Somali non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization, which was founded on May 07, 2011, and is officially registered by the Norwegian Bronnøysund Register. The objectives of ASN are to improve the livelihoods of the nomadic people in rural areas of Eastern Africa (Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia).

Two Somali Engineers, one in Somalia and the other in Norway have recognized a range of social and economical issues of the Somali nomadic people resulting from the 20 years of the Somali Civil war and the recent drought that has reached a catastrophic level in 2011. The Engineer in Somalia has in fact lost a leg by amputation when gunmen shot his legs as they were robbing him of his car in Mogadishu. The establishment of ASN came therefore, as a response to the recent drought that has wiped out most of the livestock of the nomadic people and left them to the mercy of the pirates and the warring factions who employed them in dangerous jobs.

ASN is committed to serve the Somali nomadic people and free them from the influence of the piracy and the warring factions by engaging them in participatory community and ecological development activities, which help them to improve the quality of their lives and living conditions.

ASN has 15 staff in Somalia (2 women and 13 men) and 7 staff in Norway (3 women and 4 men) at present time. All ASN staff in Somalis have received strong knowledge in the strategic plan of ASN and gained experiences from their works since 2011 especially related to human resources and the traditional nomadic law in guiding youth against joining the warring factions.

Through the above experiences, ASN wishes to emerge as a very highly competence, efficient and well-qualified local NGO working to aid the nomadic communities to become self-reliant and self-sufficient and achieve a sustainable livelihood.

So far, ASN has carried out its activities in four-provinces: Livestock rearing in Galguduud, Stopping youths from joining the warring factions in Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle and Midle Jubba.

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